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Con to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“Unfortunately, a tangle of antiquated laws in New York grant teachers what amounts to lifetime job protection, meaning they are entitled to continue teaching even if they perform poorly year after year…

After only a few years in the classroom, almost all teachers earn ‘tenure.’ With tenure, teachers gain extensive job protections…

All told, it can take up to 18 months and cost taxpayers $250,000 to replace a single poorly-performing teacher…

Teachers who failed to receive a satisfactory rating, missed entire weeks of work, or even physically abused students can remain in the classroom over the objections of their schools…

To make matters worse, New York’s antiquated laws make it illegal for schools to keep their best teachers when layoffs become necessary.”

“Meet the Parent Plaintiffs of Wright v. New York,” (accessed June 5, 2017)


“Founded in 2014, PEJ is a nonprofit organization pursuing impact litigation that empowers families and communities to advocate for great public schools through the courts. PEJ is currently working with parents and students in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey in support of legal challenges to unjust teacher employment statutes in those states. In all three states, PEJ has connected families with pro bono legal representation and is providing parents with ongoing legal, advocacy, and communications support.”

“Press Release Minnesota Parents Appeal Dismissal of Teacher Tenure Lawsuit,”, Mar. 23, 2017


“Partnership for Educational Justice helps communities advocate for common-sense policy changes that will give more students a chance to attend great schools. When advocacy isn’t enough, we help those communities seek justice directly from the nation’s courts.”

“Our Mission,” (accessed May 24, 2017)

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