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New Jersey School Boards Association Biography

Con to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“School boards operate in a completely different environment today than they did when tenure was established in 1909. Over a century of statutes, regulations and court decisions protect employees from arbitrary dismissal and discrimination. More recently, the School Ethics Act and the School District Accountability Act and regulations added to safeguards against patronage hiring and nepotism.

New Jersey’s tenure system has devolved into a lifetime job protection for teachers, regardless of how well they perform in the classroom.

The New Jersey School Boards Association believes that our state’s children deserve a public school system that places educational quality above employee job security. Therefore, reforming the current system of lifetime tenure should be at the heart of educational improvement and reform. NJSBA supports replacement of lifetime tenure for school employees with a system of renewable employment contracts.”

“Tenure Reform,”, Sep. 30, 2010


“Established in 1914, the New Jersey School Boards Association is a federation of all of the states local boards of education. The 4,800 local board members who comprise our membership are the largest group of elected and appointed public officials in New Jersey. The Association provides inservice training and technical assistance to these members, all of whom serve without compensation. In addition, the Association advocates the education, health and safety interests of New Jerseys public school students and school districts.

Local board of education members are the Associations core member group. However, NJSBA extends the privilege of associate membership to individuals and organizations whose work or interests address the concerns and mission of the Association.”

“NJSBA Membership,” (accessed May 24, 2011)


“The New Jersey School Boards Association, a federation of district boards of education, advocates, trains and provides resources for the advancement of public education in New Jersey.”

“NJSBA Membership,” (accessed May 24, 2011)

State federation of all New Jersey districts' boards of education
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