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Retired Teacher at Trenton High School
Pro to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“A professional services contract or tenure is needed for teachers in the public schools of Florida to prevent despotism, nepotism, and cronyism from denying good teachers the opportunity of making teaching a career. Without it, teaching becomes a job that only rewards teachers who teach the most able students instead of a profession where teachers help all students learn…

The school principal is the gatekeeper for excellence in teaching at their school. When the school principal acts responsibly, poor teachers are weeded out and let go, and good teachers are awarded tenure after three years of teaching. Tenure gives these teachers the sense that their job is secure and that it cannot be terminated by the whim of an administrator, complaining parent or other adult, or a disgruntled student. Tenure encourages teaching careers.

The last thing politicians should want is to turn Florida education into a spoils system where administrative patronage determines who gets hired and fired at the end of each school year. Tenure keeps that from happening to good teachers.”

“Why Teachers Need Tenure,”, Apr. 7, 2011

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