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Louisiana Federation of Teachers Biography

Pro to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“Teacher tenure exists for two essential reasons: to protect educators from political or personal retribution and to guarantee their academic freedom to teach according to the best practices in their fields of expertise. Tenure does not guarantee lifetime employment. It does not protect the unqualified or incompetent individual. The most important function of tenure is to provide a due process when questions arise about a teacher’s qualifications, ability or suitability to teach…

Evidence of effectiveness, demonstrated over a period of three years, lies at the heart of the tenure process. That process is sound, but it is only as good as the people charged with the responsibility of carrying it out. During the three year probationary period, administrators have ample opportunity to closely monitor and evaluate a teacher’s performance. Diligence is required on the part of principals and supervisors…

Teacher tenure is a vital protection, and a key professional right. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers will vigorously fight any efforts to water down the state’s tenure law. We will wage this battle in the context of our call for a bolder, broader approach to public education.”

“Teacher Tenure Is Under Attack in Louisiana,”, Mar. 5, 2009


“The Louisiana Federation of Teachers received a charter from the American Federation of Teachers in 1965. Prior to that, an AFT local chapter existed in New Orleans as early as 1932.

LFT policy is set by an annual convention of elected delegates. An Executive Board that serves two-year terms and is elected by the convention implements policies and acts between conventions.”

“About the Louisiana Federation of Teachers,” (accessed June 17, 2011)


“Collective bargaining is the cornerstone of LFT’s struggle to protect the rights of teachers and school employees. Efforts are underway in several school districts to win collective bargaining rights for educators.”

“About the Louisiana Federation of Teachers,” (accessed June 17, 2011)

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