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George F. Will, PhD Biography

Columnist for the Washington Post and National Review
Con to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“Every year, measurable injuries are inflicted on tens of thousands of already at-risk children by this state’s teacher tenure system…

When incompetent or negligent teachers gain tenure, dismissal procedures are so complex and costly that the process can take up to 10 years and cost up to $450,000…

Another facet of the tenure system – the teachers last hired are the first fired when layoffs are required – reinforces the powerful tendency for incompetent teachers, who must teach somewhere, to accumulate in schools with the most teacher vacancies. These are disproportionately schools attended by low-income minority children…

This is why there is more variation in student achievement within than between schools. This variation is especially dramatic among students from educationally disadvantaged families. A single grossly ineffective teacher can deprive students of a full year of learning, with consequences that include lower graduation and college attendance rates, and lifetime earnings more than $250,000 lower than for pupils without a single incompetent teacher…

Even if the tenure laws were neither written with a discriminatory motive nor administered with a discriminatory intent, the system is now known to produce – not invariably but with a high probability – predictable patterns of disparities.”

“The Injustice of California’s Teacher Tenure,”, July 13, 2016

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