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Cory Booker, JD, MA Biography

Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
NC to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“Teacher tenure, as it currently exists, has become an obstacle to attracting talented educators to our public schools. If we are to truly improve our public education system, we must set a new standard for tenure that prizes effectiveness above all else.

Simply eliminating teacher tenure isn’t the answer. The problem isn’t just that teachers are given lifetime job protection; it’s that teachers are treated like widgets of identical value and quality when they’re not. Some teach in high-need schools and ought to get pay that reflects that. Some do a fantastic job and ought to get pay that reflects that.

And some aren’t measuring up – and ought to find another line of work.

We desperately need a new system that rewards the best teachers, provides development and support to help every teacher grow and improve and ultimately removes those who are consistently ineffective from the classroom.”

“Teacher Tenure Is Poisonous,”, Mar. 10, 2011

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, July 1, 2006-present
  • Recipient, Sarah Brady Visionary Award, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Dec. 2009
  • Star of Sundance Channel’s documentary series Brick City, 2009-present
  • Founder, Newark Now, 2002
  • Central Ward Council Member, Newark City Council, 1998–2002
  • Member, Board of Advisors, Democrats for Education Reform
  • Member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Former member, Executive Committee, Yale Law School
  • Former member, Board of Trustees, Stanford University
  • Former Staff Attorney, Urban Justice Center in Newark
  • Former Senior Fellow, Rutgers University’s Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
  • Former Partner, Booker, Rabinowitz, Trenk, Tully, Lubetkin, DiPasquale and Webster
  • JD, Yale Law School, 1997
  • BA, Modern History as Rhodes Scholar, The Queen’s College (Oxford, England), 1994
  • MA, Sociology, Stanford University, 1992
  • BA, Political Science, Stanford University, 1991
  • Born Apr. 27, 1969 in Washington, DC
  • Varsity football player and class president at Stanford University