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Brian Jones, MSE Biography

Green Party Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York
Pro to the question "Should Teachers Get Tenure?"

“If teacher tenure is an important obstacle to achievement, Mississippi (with no teacher tenure) should have stellar schools and Massachusetts (with teacher tenure) should have failing ones. Instead, it’s the other way around. Correlation is not causation, of course, but across the country the states without tenure are at the bottom of performance rankings. States with the highest-achieving public schools have tenure (and teacher unions).

K-12 teachers with tenure do not have a job for life. What ‘tenure’ means, for them, is due-process procedures for dismissals with cause, instead of capricious or at-will dismissal from their duties. I’ve spoken to countless teachers from Southern states who are afraid to do the things that New York City teachers do all the time – write blogs, write letters to the editor, even show up to a rally –because they could lose their jobs for speaking out. All working people should have such protections.”

“Protections of Teacher Tenure Do Not Hurt Students,”, June 12, 2014

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Candidate, Green Party Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York, 2014
  • Candidate, United Federation of Teachers Secretary, 2013
  • Recipient, Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellowship, 2012
  • Co-narrator, The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman, 2011
  • Panelist, NBC’s Education Summit, 2010
  • Elementary school teacher, New York City Public Schools
  • Member, United Federation of Teachers
  • Founding Member, Social Justice Caucus, United Federation of Teachers
  • Contributor,
  • MSE, City College of New York
  • PhD student, Urban Education, City University of New York Graduate Center (no expected graduation date found)
  • Commentator, MSNBC and Democracy Now!
  • Twitter Handle is @brainyandbrawny
  • Audiobook voice actor in The John Carlos Story: The Sports Moment That Changed the World and Marx in Soho by Howard Zinn
  • Born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Lives in New York, New York
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